Monday, 22 December 2014

God's Will

When the mind is not burning that is enlightenment

Blog Title:- When the mind is not burning that is enlightenment

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🔹A mind caught in its own small affairs can never be large enough to help others.

🔹Enlightenment is no special achievement. Buddha gave it just the right name-निर्वाण.
निर्वाण means ‘the fire is no more’.

🔹We are all burning. Man is constantly living in a house on fire i.e. world.

🔹Do we see that we are constantly restless, ambitious, afraid, hopeful, insecure, and cunning? That is the fire in which the mind is burning.

🔹When the mind is not burning, that is enlightenment.

Simplest definition possible. The mind is cunning enough to project enlightenment as a far-fetched thing that is very much difficult to attain. This is more like its defence mechanism to ensure that it's existence is not lost. The burning is the fuel that keeps the mind going.

The irony is that ultimately the mind too is looking out to be at peace but somehow is not able to go beyond this burning. It will require a Guru, Grace to make the mind understand that burning is not its destiny and being at rest is simply blissful. The only thing the mind can do is to Pray.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

What is Jealousy?

Blog Title:- What is Jealousy?
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Reflections:-Ego is sense of yourself, which has been borrowed from the others. 

* I do not know myself directly. I am depending upon somebody else to tell me, ‘Who I am?’. My sense about myself is not coming from my own understanding but is borrowed.

* Jealousy comes from dependence. The one who is not dependent can not be jealous. The one who is his own master can not be jealous. To be jealous means that I have accepted somebody as my master and now I want this master to remain with me. If he goes to someone else then I feel a certain pain, and this pain is called jealousy.

All the Jealousy comes from insecurity and we are not secure because we have no connection with the Real Self. Amidst the masks and imagination we have come far away from the Real. And as there is no tethering with the centre we are very much like a football in the field. Till the time the mind gets the one and only secure place it will get all the kicks possible.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

I will give you Rest.

Rest is freedom from thought

Blog Title:- Rest is freedom from thought
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Reflection:- Thought is a problem solving mechanism. It gets activated only in restlessness and fear. 

When this rubbish is not occupying the mind, then the great, beautiful, lovely Truth descends on the mind.

But, we are afraid of Greatness. We are afraid of Beauty. We are afraid of Love.
And all fear is there when faith is absent from life. Reminds me of a quote by Sir, 'Without Faith you can not face Fear'. All we can do is to not to block Grace when it is descending upon us. Only a surrendered mind can be courageous.
तुलसी भरोसे राम के, निर्भय होकर सोय !
अनहोनी होनी नहीं, होनी हो सो होय !!

Reflections after reading the EduBlog : This futile search for happiness.

Blog Title : This futile search for happiness.


  1. Who plans for happiness? The one who is not happy.
  2. In planning for happiness you are constantly telling yourself that I am not happy.
  3. What prevents your happiness every moment? Ambitions, notions, emotions, beliefs about happiness prevent you from being happy.
  4. That special day is either right now, or never.
  5. A desire of happiness is the sure sort recipe for unhappiness.
  6. The existential party is on twenty-four hours.
  7. You want love, you will not be in love. You want freedom, you won’t be free.
  8. "You are invited. You are always invited. Go ahead and enjoy the party."
Reflections :

While reading the EduBlog I scrolled through the list and tried to look for which reading should I read as if one reading is more important than the other. So, I told myself whatsoever comes first will be read, every blog is said by Sir only.Sir said in the Blog," That special day is right now" and the words relevant to me would be "That special BLOG is right now".
As Sir says in the blog,"What prevents your happiness every moment? Ambitions, notions, emotions, beliefs about happiness prevent you from being happy.", I see that tends to be one of the things I constantly do. I spend time in preparing for the celebration as if celebration is an outcome of preparation. Alas! Preparation keeps me in perpetual illusion, day dreaming.
Every word in the blog hits like arrows specially the one I quoted just above.
It is my notion that celebration is an outcome of preparation.
I believe that certain emotional activities are signs of happiness like laughing, being silent.
It is my belief that someone, some place can give me happiness.  

hello, good morning.
Hello Blogger. Welcome to Advait.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Reflection: To manage time, see what your mind values

Blog Title:- To manage time, see what your mind values
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Reflection:- The real issue is not that I am not able to utilise time. It is my wandering mind that needs to be managed. Everything else will fall into place by its own.

Whatever our mind values, we spend our time doing that. So we simply need to ask ourselves that what is valuable to us. As Sir said in the last learning camp, ' Let the First be the first'. It is no rocket science, it is as simple as that.