Monday, 29 June 2015

Can money buy happiness?

Dear Friend,

This is a question that comes to many and make many a foolish people ruin their otherwise peaceful life into a mad show of greed and fear.

You look at somebody, you look at somebody’s house and you say, “They are growing well.” When do you say that? Because of money, simple. You need greed and dissatisfaction with your present state to have the need to grow and in the process to get money. 

What will you do with that money which is anyway killing you? What will you do with this? You will have money. Your basic needs are quite small. You will get the money for that, don’t worry.

Existence is not that cruel. Existence is not so cruel that you will starve without money. Your fundamental needs are just food, clothing, shelter and you will get enough money for that. There is no great problem in that.

You do not require money for your fundamental needs. Do you know why people need money? People need money because they are hollow within, and they think that money can fill that hollow. Money cannot fill that hollow. You do not have love in your life, so what do you do? You go and build fifteen factories. Fifteen factories will not give you love. You will not have that sureness within. So, what do you do? You buy property, and yet that still will not give you that sureness within.

The amount of money that is needed to just live comfortably is not much. You will get that. Don’t worry.

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