Monday, 29 June 2015

How do I make life simple?

What makes you feel that life is complicated? 

Life is not complicated, it's we who make it complicated. 

Mind loves complexities. In fact, realise that all thinking is nothing but problem solving  mechanism. This is how ego gets its nourishment.

How do we complicate it?

We complicate it by living in role models, ideas of perfection, ideals that have been inserted in our mind.

We complicate it by constantly thinking that there is something missing  with what is available right now and that it can be achieved somewhere else. That right way, the  correct way, an exact way lies somewhere.

We complicate life by thinking that life will be exact, when I will get medals. Life will be good,  when I will have a good house, with a nice husband, two kids and a big  car.

We complicate it by filling ourselves with notions that something great is happening somewhere and by feeling miserable by thinking that there is something wrong with me. 

Do not keep searching. Do not keep seeking. All searching and seeking  invariably takes you away from your self. It will take you to the  future, it will make your mind run in imaginations. It takes you away from this moment and displaces you to some future. 

Give up all these thought and everything is good. Absolutely simple, no  complexities. Don’t search for anything else. Life is, what is.

Life is simple, just don't complicate it.

In my blog 'Words into Silence' I have written on many life topics. I invite you to read that for better clarity.


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