Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My mind is always wavering. How can I get concentration?


Mind doesn't waiver. It goes to the direction it is programmed to go to. Before we proceed to find out about concentration, I would, to help, introduce a term Attention.

Attention is a quality of the mind. Attention is the deep desire of the mind to understand. Understanding means settling down, becoming quiet.
Attention arises when the mind says that the ripples created by objects in mind must settle down. These objects could be:

1. a TV program
2. two people and their chatter
3. the disquiet of the mind itself

However, remember that there is a difference between attention and concentration. In attention, there is no specific object. Attention is the quality of the mind in which it is alert to everything, including itself. Hence, whatever is in its purview its its object. Alternately, there is no (specific) object. Alternately, the mind itself is its own object.

In concentration, there is a process of ego-based choice involved. Concentration is fragmentary. Concentration is upon a specific object that the ego has chosen for its benefit. Concentration does not give understanding, it only gives pleasure and satisfaction.

I have elaborated on this theme in my blog - 'Words into Silence'

I would advise you to further read from the blog on focus, concentration, attention and understanding. I am sure it would be of help.

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