Monday, 29 June 2015

How can I plan for my future when I am in my 20s?

In your moments of love, are you planning for the next hour? 

You are a very dangerous man if even in the moment of love you are planning. 

‘What to do next?’ 

You have a baby in your hand, and the baby is staring at your face. 
Can you plan? 
Can you plan at that moment? 
If you do that, then you are a very dangerous man. 

Realize where does planning come from. 

What kind of a mind is always engaged in planning? 

It is a cunning mind. 

The mind which is very afraid. The mind that does not know any joy. It is shivering in fear. It is afraid of the future. So, I can’t ask you to stop planning. Till the time you are afraid, you will plan.

Planning is the product of fear. 

You will keep planning till you are afraid. I am saying that understand what planning is. Then if you want to plan, go ahead. If you must plan, at least don’t plan for the things that are too far ahead. At least do not plan for all that.

You want to reach the university at a particular time, so you plan that you should leave your home at that time. But don’t plan for the six months ahead. Don’t plan for six years ahead. 

A daughter is born and the father starts planning about her education and marriage. What stupidity! Do you really love your daughter? But he will claim that it is because of my love that I am planning. Really? Whom are you deceiving?

How would you like it, if I am standing in front of you and if you ask me a question, I am giving you planned answers to your questions? This is not the first time a question on planning has been asked to me. I have some standard 10 buttons to your every question, I press any of them and show your some pre-recorded video.

Won't this conversation be ugly ?

Planning is a tool, it cannot become life.  

Life is a lively, vibrant, throbbing thing, it has to be lived spontaneously, very spontaneously.

All those who love planning deserve this treatment – that whatever question they ask I will give them planned answers. That is your treatment, giving you planned answers. And then only you will understand the ugliness of planned answers.

Then you will understand how ugly planning can get. And people live their entire life that way!

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