Monday, 29 June 2015

How should I organize my day?

Prioritizing tasks and managing time is an 'in' thing in today's world.  Umpteen books, guides and coaches are available. But none have really looked into the root of it. Result - It still is a mystery to many.

Go deep and you understand - Is the question really of managing time? 
Beneath the layers, question is who will manage the time? Obviously, the one who right now wastes it.

What is to be managed is not time, but the mind that wastes it.

You not only waste time, you also waste resources, waste life  and everything that comes to you. Somebody who is wasteful,  would waste everything. The real issue or is ‘me’ and not time or tasks.

When you ask that how to utilize time, you have made a very arrogant  assumption. Your assumption is- ‘Everything is alright with me, it is  just this small aspect of time utilization that I falter in. Everything  else is good’. It is like this that there is something wrong with my  entire physical system, my blood, my very blood has a lot of impurities  and because of this there are a lot of symptoms that are showing up in  my body: my heart is under-pressure, my kidneys are not functioning  well, my lever is enlarged, I keep feeling sleepy, I keep forgetting, my  brain doesn’t function properly, the blood is impure, there are few  pimples on my face. I go to the doctor and say, ‘Sir, my problem is that  I have a few pimples on my face’. Now, am I wise when I say that the  pimple is my problem? My entire being is my problem. My very blood is my problem. The doctor can give you a  cream that will remove the pimples. But that will not solve your problem. This  pimple gone, another pimple will come up. It clears from here and comes somewhere else or  sometimes at the same spot.

Ask yourself, ‘How do I manage myself’? Because it is the self that is wasting the time.

Go to the more basic,  more useful question -  how to manage the mind, because it is the mind that wastes time. Forget time.  Nobody can manage time. Time just flows, time cannot be  managed.

Then ask yourself, ‘What does my mind find attractive?’ What  does your mind do most of the time? There are twenty-four hours in the  day for everybody. Ask yourself that where do these twenty-four hours  go.

When you will look at this, you will come across your values. You will  come to know what is it that is preferred in life. Because whatever you  prefer in life is where you spend your time. If you have told yourself  that the biggest pleasure in life is sleeping, then don’t be surprised  if you find that you sleep eleven hours a day.

Whatever you have told yourself to be valuable, you will find that your time is going there.

So, whenever you want to find time for doing something but are unable to, be assured that somewhere you are convinced that that thing is not important. It is embedded deep in your psyche that it is not important. So, howsoever much you try, you will still find no time.

What is really valuable in life? Investigate yourself. Don't accept borrowed answers about what is valuable in life. Money, career, lifestyle, status, recognition, respect, marriage - don't accept anything without doing a deep enquiry about it.

Once really valuable is known, mind is automatically directed towards that.

You may visit my blog Words into Silence where I have elaborated the answer even more for better clarity.


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