Monday, 29 June 2015

How do I stay motivated to work for longer periods? (see details)

Think what do you procrastinate, shift to the future? Do you shift that to the future, which is really important, really enjoyable? 
No. We procrastinate misery. Things that we do not like.  ‘If I do it right now, I will feel miserable.'

 If you find yourself procrastinating a lot of times, it is a clear indication that the climate in the mind is that of suffering and irritation. One does not postpone joy, freedom, love.

To end procrastination let’s simply relate to the question of living  in a way, in which there is no need to procrastinate, in which the very  thought of procrastination does not arise. Can one live in that way? Is  that kind of a mind possible?

Procrastination is always about the future,  something apart from this moment. A mind that is immersed in the  present will not procrastinate. And a mind that is continuously thinking  of the future, will do nothing but procrastinate.

Whenever the mind wants to defer something, wants to send it to the  future, then ask the mind, ‘What is it that you are not liking? 

It is only when the mind is not liking, it looks for motivation - some motive - reason to work.  

Motive means greed. Motive means, ‘I want to get something.’ 

What kind of mind will be greedy? The one who feels something is lacking in him. 

The fact is - nothing is lacking. World has told you constantly since childhood that you are worthy only when you achieve something. And this belief has made house in your mind.

Work out of love.  Kahlil Gibran has said, “Work is love made visible.” In love do you look for a particular result? You go, you meet somebody,  you hug him, you embrace him. Do you ask that what is the result?  

Loving is sufficient.

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