Monday, 29 June 2015

I am in my late 20s and feel I have wasted a lot of time. Is it too late for me to achieve something worthwhile?

Achievement will happen, but the mind will remain non-achiever.

Achievements will happen, great achievements will happen, greater than what you have ever dreamed of, greater than your goal but you will not be an achiever, and it is a beautiful thing. 

Achievements are just happening and I am not even trying. Isn’t that good, nice? 

All your achievements so far depend upon your hard work. 

How about achieving without even trying? 
How is that? 
The mind is not trying to ‘achieve’. 

The mind is just attentive and understanding and when the mind is understanding, the body is functioning, taking the right actions, and out of the right actions achievements are happening. Those achievements are not in the future. 

The right action itself is the achievement. 
One right action, another right action, after another right action, is the right life.

A non-achieving mind is not the absence of achievement.

Achievement is there, every moment it is there, and when achievement is every moment that means you are constantly full, you don’t even think of achievement. 

You think of achieving only after the thought of non-achieving comes to you. 

Do you understand this? 

If I am constantly in achievement, situated in achievement, living in achievement, when every action is achievement constantly, will I think of achieving? 

Every action is an achievement, everything is just right. Such a mind does not want to achieve. It just keeps achieving without even trying. It lives in achievement. It knows that it has already achieved, it already has the real thing. It does not even try.

Obviously, such a mind is at peace. It knows the most valuable thing is safe. It doesn’t have to go and achieve. It doesn’t have to look here and there. It says, ‘I am already home’ and that does not mean that it stops functioning, that does not mean that the flow of life stops. 

In fact, it becomes a more beautiful and a more peaceful flow, which has great energy when required and great silence when required.

Great energy flows from a peaceful mind and that is not the energy of frustration. Your energy is of frustration, your energy is of dissatisfaction. When you get dissatisfied then you start exaggerating yourself. Right? 

Let me run and get something. There is another energy when you are very happy, you start dancing. There is great energy in that. So such a peaceful mind is capable of exhibiting great energy and great movement. 

This energy, this movement is not of feeling small, not of feeling frustrated, not of missing something, not of incompleteness that needs to be completed in the future.

‘I am already complete’. It is a very intelligent mind. It says that in this moment what else could have been done, what could be done, will be done constantly. 

It says, ‘I am happy, I am peaceful, there is nothing left, nothing left at all. When I am reading, I am reading. When I am eating, I am eating. When I am peeling potatoes, I am peeling potatoes. Every moment is an achievement, every moment is complete. 

When I am running, I am running.’

But you know how do we live? When we are running, we are also peeling potatoes. When we are peeling potatoes, we are thinking of studies. When we are sitting in washroom, we are thinking of classroom. When we are in the classroom, we are thinking of the play-ground. 

‘You know today I will score at least two goals’, and where are you? In the classroom. The bugger is sitting in the classroom and wants to score two goals. This is what you called as ‘achievement’. Sitting in the classroom you want to score two goals. 

That is your concept of achievement, goals.

When in the playground, play fully, that is the achievement. When in the classroom, be completely a student, that is your achievement. Achievement is not far away, it is right now. 

Great! A certificate every moment. 
How does that sound? 

When we say every moment, I do not mean, ‘a second’, a second has infinite number of moments. Every moment is an achievement. And then you are a super-achiever, somebody who does not even need to achieve. So much is the achievement.

Future is just an imagination, don't try to be a achiever in imagination, be one right now.

Those who want to achieve in the future are deceiving themselves.
The only achievement is right now.

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