Tuesday, 30 June 2015

In general, how do you get out of your comfort zone?

There is no fear of the new. There is only the fear of leaving the old. 

The old is giving you comforts, and it is as basic as that. 

It is so obvious, direct and ground level, that no explanation can be given or needed. It is the grossest thing that is there. 

It has to be obvious.

The old has taken complete control over you. You are the old. There is no part of your mind or body, that is not related to what you have been doing so far.

The old is your food, very food. It is every cell of your body. How can you leave your food? Do you see that it is as basic as that? It is the fear of leaving the food, because the old is feeding you. 

The body is a self-preserving mechanism. 

It will not allow you to do things where even your physical sustenance gets threatened. 

It is not at all about some deeply-logged dungeon of your mind. It is not at all about some subconscious tendency. It is the body. 

“What will happen to this body? Where will I live? What will I eat?” That is it.

The mind only gives rationalizations. It will not admit that it is the body. It will say, “It is this, it is that.” It will say, “Well, it is about security.” What security? It will say, “It is about relationships.” Really? Where are the relationships? “It is about name and fame.” Really? Do you really carry any name and fame?

The one who can go without food, can never be enslaved. Because that is your final fear: the physical elimination. Learn to go without food and then tell me whether the world can dominate you.

The one who can sleep on the streets under the open sky, can never be enslaved. Because that is the temptation given to you. “We will give you a cosy bed.” And then you become a bed warmer.

Refuse the bed, have the guts to sleep in the fields.

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