Monday, 6 July 2015

Can fear kill you?

Firstly you have to know what is fear then you will get your answer. 

First thing is that fear is the thought. The second thing is that thought is of the others.

We are afraid of the others who are around us and for most of us; the others are the members of the family, friends and society. Are you getting it? First of all there is no fear in the action. When action prevails, there is no fear. There is action before the fear. In the think of the action, there is no fear. So, fear is the thought.

Second thing is that thought is of others. Why must the thought of others make one afraid? It is strange. Is there any need to be afraid, when the thought of others arises? But surely, it terrifies us. Why does it terrify us? There is a reason. The reason is that there is a lot that he has taken from you. He is scared that what can be taken from you, can be taken away also. So, he is afraid. What he has taken from you is not his own, but a borrowed thing, and it can be taken away by you because it comes from you. Now, who is smart enough to tell me that what is it that he has taken from you.

When fear comes, just see that it is just an external influence. Just see that it is the nature of the poor mind to be afraid, and tell the mind not to be afraid. Or just tell him that mind, keep being afraid, but I will not be afraid. 'Mind, keep being afraid but I will not be afraid, because I understand that you are being afraid'. 'Mind, you want to live in fear, live in fear, but I will not live in fear'. Fear is of others, fear is mechanical, fear is conditioning. If I understand this, how can I be afraid?

 Let the mind be afraid. It is the nature of the mind to be afraid, but you understand. Are you afraid right now? Now, you are smiling! But it is quite possible that a moment later, the fear may again come to you. What will you do then? Understand that surely some thought is arising and every thought is coming from others. To be afraid means to become dependent on others, to become a slave of others. I will not let that happen to me. Let happen it to mind. I will not let that happen to me. Right? Alright!

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