Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Can the newborn can go to heaven?

Let's first know what is heaven? Then you will get your answer. 

'Heaven' and 'hell' are obviously for the mind, they do not have any existence elsewhere. So 'heaven' is a situation in which the mind gets what contends it deeply, a relaxation. That relaxation is not possible in the otherwise agitated life. Common life is sheer agitation. Right? Provocation, agitation, excitement, and the resultant frustration. 

'Heaven' is the company that on one hand relaxes you, and on the other hand gives you the courage that it can happen! That it is not impossible, that the situation is not hopeless. "I can be free! My deepest dreams were not just nonsense. There were there to be realised. They can be realized!" 

You are struggling, labouring, somehow carrying yourself on, trudging and taking life as drudgery. You have given up all hope, and then the hope is rekindled. That is 'heaven'. And not only is it a hope that something can happen in the future, it is there for the taking. Extend your hand and take it! That is 'heaven'. 

The false will never admit that I am just a shadow. It will say that nothing but me is there. The world itself is 'heaven'. When is the world 'heaven'? When you realize that the world is like a door, a gateway to the beyond, now it is 'heaven'! The beyond is not heaven. Remember! Because beyond, there is no mind, and 'heaven' and 'hell' are in the mind. The world is 'heaven', when it is a gateway to the beyond. The world itself is 'hell' when the world becomes an objective reality in itself. "I am all!" When the world says, "I am all that there is," then the world is 'hell'. 

Everything is neither 'heaven' nor 'hell'. 'Heaven' exists for us because we are distant from the truth. When you are far something, only then it seems like 'heaven'. 

We said that the world is a gateway to the beyond. Beyond, there is no 'heaven' or 'hell'! There is just an empty stillness. 'Heaven' is for the one who has lost his way and who suddenly gets a guide. 'Hell' is when you have lost your way, and there are voices around that say that you cannot go back, that there is no home. 

A point comes where there is neither 'heaven' nor 'hell'. So, from 'hell' to 'heaven' and then 'beyond'!



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