Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Can frequent confusion be a symptom of other problems?

There are two words in the question, Confusion and problem, let's understand what they really mean... 

What is confusion? 

Confusion is conflict. Confusion is the presence of many options and your inability to know. Confused, there are so many things and they are tangled together, they are fused together. That's what confusion is. 

The brain is nothing but external influences and remember that it is not only one external influence that enslaves the brain. The brain is a slave to a thousand masters. Brain is a highly fragmented entity and each fragment is ruled by a different influenced. So your brain is a battle ground where all these influences are fighting with each other. 

It's like a man who has been pulled in hundred different directions by hundred different influences. You see what confusion is? Where to go, which way to go? The tragedy is whichever way you go will not be your own way. There are ten people pulling me in ten different directions, even one of them succeeds in taking me in one direction, still it is not my direction, it is an external direction. In confusion you have ten choices in your mind, that's what happens. The funny part is not even a single one of those choices is really your choice. 

You don't even think of that. The moment you see that freedom has already began. We don't even see that. We are caught in an illusion that those choices that have been given by others to us are actually our choices. 

The one who starts seeing that these are not my choices, for him the process of freedom has already began in some sense, faintly it has already began. So, first of all you look at your life and see that whatever you do throughout the day, what aims, aspirations, ambitions you have for your life and how much of that has been driven by external masters. 

An intelligent man never has any options. He just knows the right thing, just knows. He doesn't wonder out of these options which one to choose. He just knows the right thing. He's never confused, he knows. An intelligent man is choice less, he sees only one road which is his road and he knows that this is it. He does not have any botheration about the rest of it. 

The root of all problems whether major or minor or whatever nature; is one. And we do not look at that root. Instead we occupy ourselves finding solutions to the secondary and tertiary problems. The primary is one and we do not look at that. In some sense we do not want to look at that because as you said, 'Problems keep us occupied.' 

Mind wants something to be busy with. For the mind it is a nightmare if all the problems are resolved. The mind will say, 'What will I do then? How will I remain alive? I remain alive only when I am struggling. I remain alive only when I am in conflicts.' So problems are like toys for the mind. Problems are the mind's fodder. If problems are not there mind starts feeling suffocated. It in fact, creates problems for its own survival. Mind would create problems for its own survival. What is the major problem? That we need problems. That is the mother problem; that is the primary problem, and we do not look at that. 

You don't need to solve the problem, you need to solve the mind that attracts the problem. The mind is the central problem and we don't look at that. We find great pleasure, great satisfaction and great doer-ship in solving problems. We praise somebody when we say that he is a great problem solver. If somebody is a good problem solver, it only means that he is opening himself up to receive more and more problems. No problem comes to you without your consent. 

Problems come to you because you need problems to maintain your identity. we don't know what to do because there is something that we want to get. How to get it is what we don't know. But when I am complete, then nothing is a problem. Everything is happening all around me, but it cannot take away anything from me. My basic existence is not at stake. I will not be shivering. I know that there is something valuable that I already have with me and it can't be taken away. So the situations are there of this and that nature, but that's alright. 

Nothing is a problem. 




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