Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How do you better the situation of being 'the trouble' in the family?

I think it's better to first work upon yourself rather than worrying much about what your family think's of you because the real trouble here is of the quality of your relationships.Then i am sure the situation will be better. 

Read this for more clearance: 

First and foremost, every human being is a mind. The quality of your being is the quality of your mind. All our relationships emanate from the mind. The quality of your relationships will be the same as the quality of your mind. The depth of one's love, the courage of one's truth, the flight of one's freedom, the simplicity of one's beauty- all these depend directly on the quality of one's mind. 

In a mind that is simple and innocent, the relationships will be direct and loving. 
In a mind corrupted by conditioning, fear and ignorance, the relationships will be tainted with greed, expectations and fear. 

Want to have loving relationships? Clean up your mind! 
Want to never feel small and unworthy? Clean up your mind! 
Also you have to be Bold and Courageous. 

When you see that there is something wrong with your relationship, don't sweep the fact under the carpet. Face it, confront it! Don't just say that these things keep happening, let's not give too much attention to them. No! Let the other person sit across the table. Have a direct conversation. the most important conversations are those that never happen. They are the ones that you deliberately avoid, and each one of us know which conversations we must not have, and we never have them because we know that the moment you open that topic, the relationship would crumble. 

If you start talking about it, there would be an explosion, the relationship would be torn apart. That is the strength of the relationship. So you just avoid talking about those things. We say, 'Let's just bypass it, let's talk about other things. Let's talk about things that are more agreeable. Let's not face the facts squarely.' But the more you do that, the more you are moving towards numbness, insensitivity, hell. Talk about the real issues. Don't talk about the weather, the sandwich and the pet dog. That is what we usually talk about with our loved ones. 'How is the weather? How is your stomach? What was your sugar level today?' Are these things to be talked of? Talk the real things! Don't deal in, 'How are you? I am nice', this kind of stuff. All this is rubbish. Whom are we fooling?


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