Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Why I am not able to stick to my plans?

Dear friend,
let me say that I have planned to write a poem, or a short story. I have planned that I will write for two hours in the morning and then I will go for shopping. I will then come back, meet a friend and then I will study for two hours. I have planned my day this way. Right?
I have planned my day out. Now as I sit down to write in the morning something happens. I am so absorbed in writing that I don’t even come to know when the evening has arrived. A wonderful thing has happened, let the planning go to the dustbin. Forget the plan. Why do you need a plan? You go to meet a loved one and you thought that first we will sit in the park for one hour, then we will watch a movie, then we will have dinner. As you sit in the park in the evening, you find that it is sufficient. Forget the movie. Why must you watch the movie? Who is important? You are important or the planning is important?
Why must you live life according to a plan? Let it flow.
Till the age of twenty-one complete your, by twenty five, have another degree, by twenty-seven get married, before thirty have a kid, before thirty-five have another kid. Why must you live your life according to a plan? Why? And there is a plan always waiting for you. Why must you live according to it? Why must you be the slave of this plan that the society has laid out for you. Why?
Now obviously, if you have to catch a train or flight then you have to reach there on time. That much is needed. And sometimes it is a great fun to miss trains.
But there is always a question which most of the people asks about planning that- Without planning, life will go nowhere?
See, When you have a center in your life, it doesn’t matter where you go. Your movement, your life will be beautiful. Or let me put it this way. When you know where your home is, then you can safely, fearlessly keep wandering. There is no problem. There is a center. The one who will not have a center, will think it as random. But there is a center and that center is your understanding. That center is your joy. When that center is present then it doesn’t matter what you are doing, there is a rhythm to it.
And always remember that- thoughts come from the past. You can’t plan that of which you don’t have any idea. Planning is very, very limited. Planning can very well work in the world of material. To build an auditorium a plan is needed because the auditorium will be based on past knowledge, so you can build the auditorium with planning. But you cannot build life on planning because life is fresh, constantly fresh. It cannot be a product of thought; the building has to be a product of thought. The design of the building is based on the past knowledge which is contained in book, contained in experiences.
So, it is alright if you have a plan for a building, a design and you build it. But in your life be free-flowing. Don’t be afraid if you are free-flowing. Many people are afraid of free-flowing. The moment you tell them not to go by their plans, they become very afraid. They start shivering, they start feeling very uneasy because planning gives you a sense of security. Planning tells you that now you know what has to be done. So, you feel good that things are under control. Planning makes you feel as if things are under control. It is a false control, it is a control coming out of fear. There is no value in this control.

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