Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How friendship help the society?

Let's understand what does friendship and society mean, 

What is friendship? What do you mean by friendship? You are lonely and you get somebody to cling to, and then the two of you hang out together, and you call this as 'friendship'. What do you mean by 'friendship'? What kind of friends do we have around us? When do we call somebody a friend? 

We say, 'A friend in need is a friend indeed', it means that friendship is a trade. 'When I am in need, you help me and when you are in need, I help you, and then we are friends. Your views agree with mine, my views agree with you and we are friends. I need to copy assignments and you are always there, then we are friends. In all my rubbish, the one who can partner me, he is my friend.' 

what is friendship? Friendship is nothing. Friendship is a state of being in which you are concerned not with what you can get from the other person, but in the real advancement of the other person. And the real advancement is, discovering the truth. So a friend is a friend only if he brings you closer to the truth; in whose presence you become less agitated, in whose presence a silence comes. Not the one who keeps gossiping with you. 

Man lives in relationship and even if other people are not physically present, there will be thoughts of other people, society is here then(pointing towards the head), in your head. A healthy relationship cannot be born as a reaction to unhealthy relationship. 

Society has taught us what kind of features to look for in people to love. Society is not the one thing. You create your own society. What do you think these hundred or thousand people that you know in your life, they are your society? There are millions of societies parallely running. 

You think, that there is this finite space and the mind thinks that this room is all there is. Similarly you think that this limited society, all your uncles and aunts, friends and relatives is society. There are a thousand new societies waiting for you, a thousand new worlds waiting for you.
So,Find out such friends, and then there will be real magic. 




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