Monday, 6 July 2015

What are some facts about the great fear?

Fear is the thought of others around us and for most of us; the others are the members of the family, friends and society. Are you getting it? First of all there is no fear in the action. When action prevails, there is no fear. There is action before the fear. In the think of the action, there is no fear. So, fear is the thought 

Fear itself comes from outside, so how can the thought of fear be yours? Is there anything in your mind which is yours and not coming from outside? Is there anything in your mind which you have not taken from others?

I can give you a lot of confidence and I can also take it back. Confidence is so situational. In front of one particular fellow, you start feeling confident. In front of another, you do not feel confident. What is innate about it? An easy question paper comes, and you feel confident. A hard question paper comes, and your confidence is gone. Is confidence yours or it is the function of the question paper? 

Your confidence is not yours. Is there anything here which does not change with the situation? I am dropping a hint- if it does not change with the situation, then it will be yours, and nobody can take it away.

When you say courage, do you understand that there can be no courage without fear? If fear comes from outside and there can be no courage without fear, surely courage also comes from outside. Can there be courage if you are not feeling afraid? Do you require courage to stand in front of your parents when you have not stolen anything, not when you are to introduce your girlfriend or boyfriend to your parents? You do not, because you are not afraid.

Courage comes into the picture only when you are afraid. Otherwise, what is the use of the courage? Only a scared man requires courage. So, courage cannot be intrinsic. Every single bit of this mind is conditioned. Every thought is conditioned, comes from the outside.

Kindly think that you are speaking in French. Kindly think. You cannot, because there is no external source in your past that has brought the knowledge of French to you. Your thought necessarily depends on an external input that has already come to you otherwise, there can be no thought. When everything that you have in mind comes from others, what does that mean in terms of fear? We said that his respect comes from others, his acceptance comes from others, his courage comes from others, and hence he is afraid that it can be taken back. If there comes a situation that everything that we have, has always come from others, then what will be the quality of life? Always fearful. Because whatever you have, has always come from others; some situation, some people, some system, some structure, but it has come from outside. So, you will always be afraid. Never sure. Your life will lack conviction. It will lack that sense of sureness- that I know for myself, and I don't need to hear from anybody else. Do you understand it?


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