Friday, 17 July 2015

Is there any difference between attention and meditation?

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A Question was asked to me in one of my Samvaad session on your topic Meditation. So, this is the answer I had given to him. It will be useful to you.
Question: What is meditation? Why the practice of meditation keeps one in bondage?
Speaker: Meditativeness is simply our inner nature. To meditate is different from any kind of mental exertion or mental activity. To meditate is to be at a point where parallely two non-events are happening. First, there is no need for mental activity. Because there is no need for any activity, so I am calling it a non-event. So there is no need to think or solve problems, or resist challenges or plan. No need is felt. Secondly, and parallely, even though there is no need to gather knowledge, yet all is known.

Most of the knowledge that we have, comes to us because the insecure one within us needs to have information from the world. That is the reason why we seek knowledge, there is a feeling of incompleteness and the possibility of some loss, if that knowledge is not there. “Something would be reduced, something would be diminished within me if I do not have this knowledge”, that is the reason why we chase and store knowledge.
In meditativeness, there is knowing without the need to know. Obviously, this knowing is not about people, things, ideas, concepts or places, which themselves are a product of insecurity. In the great security of meditativeness, there is a great realization. Of what? Surely not of that which itself is a product of insecurity.
Essentially both attention and meditation are same, used in different contexts. When dealing with the world in a meditative state, you are said to be ‘in attention’. But it’s the same thing, just that it is used in a different context. In general, when you use the word ‘meditation’, you mean being centered. When you use the word ‘attention’, it means that you are dealing with the world with a particular quality of the mind. That quality is meditation.
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