Monday, 6 July 2015

Importance of freedom?

To know the importance of freedom, you have to know what is freedom ? 

We have to first start with- what is slavery? Freedom is not something that comes from outside. Freedom is our basic nature. What comes from outside, is slavery. So, when slavery is understood and gotten rid of, what remains is your free nature.

Words like freedom, love, joy, awareness, do not try to go into them in a positive way. Do not seek their positive definitions. Seek their negative definitions - what they are not. Just try to understand what are the enemies of freedom are. Try to understand - what covers up freedom. Try to understand - what is not freedom. And get rid of that. And then what remains is freedom. Are you getting it?

You see, you can bring that from outside, which you are not. Can I bring 'myself' from outside? I can only bring external entity from outside, right? I cannot bring my own real nature from somewhere else. And freedom is 'my own real nature'.

Whenever, you take in something, without understanding, that is not freedom. Alright? So, what is freedom then? Nothing. Just simple, quiet listening, which is your nature. That is freedom. You don't have to do anything in freedom. Additionally, you don't have to really acquire it. You only have to get rid of its enemies.

You acquire something only when you have lost it. You can never lose freedom, but your freedom can remain covered with dirt and dust. All you can do is get rid of the dirt and dust, which are the enemies of freedom. Just get rid of the dirt and dust. They are not real, they are all mental. They are like vampires. You throw some light on them, and they will evaporate. They flourish only in darkness.

After getting rid of all the dirt and dust, you will shine in freedom.
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