Friday, 17 July 2015

What is right and what is wrong?

Dear Friend,
A Question was asked to me in one of my Samvaad session. So, this is the answer I had given to him. It will be useful to you.
All these notions of right and wrong that are coming from outside are totally time and place dependent. Change the time, right will change, wrong will change. Change the place, right will change, wrong will change. Don’t you see right and wrong keep changing?
The notions of right and wrong, whenever they come from outside they keep changing. There is nothing at all sacred about them. All kinds of codes of conduct are so very variable even this day, not only between one nation and other but also between one community and other community. In a place like U.S. different states have their different laws even on personal matters like sexual matters. What is right in one state is totally wrong in another state. Totally wrong!
one great right is your awareness. Whatever you do in your awareness is right. The society may call it wrong but it actually is right. The world, the laws, the rules may call it wrong but it actually is right. That is the only right, that which comes out of your awareness, your intelligence and hence the only wrong is to be stupid. The only wrong is to be a slave to external influences, nothing else is wrong. 
The great existential right is your being, is your intelligence. Have courage, don’t succumb to fear, let that happen.

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