Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How well do you communicate with others?

What is communication? You have an image of communication in your mind. 

Communication is not merely what you are thinking it to be. 

You see the thing is that 'communication' is such an abused word 

You think that it would be about wearing a bigger mask, pleasing people, impressing them and in the process strengthening the personality, re-enforcing the mask. As I am writing to you, should I try to impress you or should I try to deliver the truth to you. What do you want? 

When you talk of talking to others, it is essentially a relationship and in that relationship impressing the other person is violent. It is a violent relationship that I am talking to you with this at the back of mind that I must impress you. Then I am doing injustice to you. That's why those who understand, they don't talk of communication, they talk of communion because communication can often be violent.They talk of communion. 

Communion means a relationship of love, in which it does not matter greatly the words that you are using, what matters is from where are the words coming from. Are they coming from a clear mind ? Then it is communion. 

Communion is the highest form of communication 




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