Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What is wife motive shows to husband she love much?

To understand 'Love', you will need to firstly rid yourself of all the 'knowledge' you have so far had about love. You have been told that care, attachment, concern, togetherness, sameness, sacrifice etc. are what constitutes love. You have also been told that love is what happens 'between' two human beings, or 'between' a human being and something else. You have also been told that love is usually to be found in 'relationships' like mother-daughter, husband-wife etc. You have been told that when you are in love you miss your beloved. You have also been told that love is a nice-nice thing.

All this is Wrong Love can never be found in relationships. The day a relationship occurs, the possibility of love dies. A man can possibly be in love, but no husband can ever love his wife. A woman can be in love, but no mother can ever love her son. Our love never emanates from the heart but from our mind. 

This is a very accidental love. You don't know your loved ones except via the tunnel-vision of your relationship. The only true relating that is possible, is that of friendliness.No motives. 




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