Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Do Paradise and Hell exist today?

Heaven' and 'hell' are obviously for the mind, they do not have any existence elsewhere. So 'heaven' is a situation in which the mind gets what contends it deeply, a relaxation. That relaxation is not possible in the otherwise agitated life. Common life is sheer agitation. Right? Provocation, agitation, excitement, and the resultant frustration.

'Heaven' is the company that on one hand relaxes you, and on the other hand gives you the courage that it can happen! That it is not impossible, that the situation is not hopeless. "I can be free! My deepest dreams were not just nonsense. There were there to be realised. They can be realized!" And what is your deepest dream? Not the dream that you start assimilating from here and there. Your deepest dream is to just be what you are, what you really are. And the world gives you a thousand dreams, but not this one. This is your own original dream.

'Heaven' is the moment when you realize that this dream is possible. 'Heaven' is the moment when you clearly see that in this hateful world, love is possible! And not only is it possible theoretically, it is possible for you. It's there! It doesn't happen on its own, because you being what you are, you are just stuck. It happens when per-chance in the middle of your bonded world, just by chance you encounter a glimpse of freedom, you encounter the music of love. That is 'heaven'.

You are struggling, laboring, somehow carrying yourself on, trudging and taking life as drudgery. You have given up all hope, and then the hope is rekindled. That is 'heaven'. And not only is it a hope that something can happen in the future, it is there for the taking. Extend your hand and take it! That is 'heaven'. And now you all know what 'hell' is. That is easier to appreciate. Right? That appears less of a concept. It appears more real. We know what 'hell' is. Pretty close! It's sometimes our residential address!


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