Friday, 17 July 2015

I see advertise and i get a urge to buy the thing, so i have known that those really are not my desire. so how to know that what i really want?

I have heard that a survey was done among dying people. People who were terminally ill when they were asked that now that you are close to the end of your life, are you satisfied? Particularly, they were asked about the amount of money that they have. A very wonderful thing emerged. Those who had 200 dollars said that they we would have been happier if they would have had 2000 dollars. Those who had 500 dollars, they said that they were not yet satisfied. They wanted 5000 dollars. One of the billionaires who was dying said that I would have been satisfied, if I had 10 billion dollars in my account. The ratio was constant, 1:10. It doesn’t matter how much you have, you want ten times more. So, the want remains equally strong irrespective of how much you have achieved. The want never goes away. And the want, is always of wantlessness.
So, why not straight away come to the ultimate desire? The ultimate desire is to be free of desire; freedom from desire. You have to look very cautiously at it. Freedom from desire is not the killing of desire, it is also not the absence of desire. It is just the freedom from desire. Freedom from desire means that desire is there but desire is there at its own place and I am there at my own place. That desire is not dominating me. This chair is there, I am related to this chair in some way, but yet I am free of this chair. I sat on it on my own accord and I can get up from it on my own accord. Freedom from desire; the desirelessness; the wantlessness means that the desire stands at its own place and I am not a slave of this desire.
There is the brain. There is the body. Desire is there, but I am not dominated by it. I can understand how it arises. I can see its origin, its source. It is going away. Everything is obvious, but it is not too much upon me. And then, your mind will not be able to fool you.Then you won’t be deceived by all these promises that want a little more. May be that is what will make you happy. Then life will not be boring. Then, you won’t feel distracted all the time. All this distraction is just dissatisfaction. I want something else, I want something else. Distraction is just dissatisfaction. And we are distracted all the time. This only means that the mind is making an utter fool of you. You are thinking that instead of this if you have something  else, you will be satisfied. You will never be satisfied. Wherever you are, whatever you get, will you ever be satisfied? You are just being fooled by an empty promise. Watch the desire. Understand the desire. That is wantlessness. That is desirelessness. Simple. Obvious. Right?
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