Friday, 17 July 2015

Why do we get emotional?

Dear, similar kind of question was asked to me in one of a samvaad session.
It not direct answer to your question but, will almost clear your confusion related to the question.

Question: How can we control our emotions?
Speaker: How can you control something that you do not quite understand? Our friend here is controlling the operations of this camera. How is he able to control the operations? Because he understands the functioning, he knows what leads to what, he knows when to pull the lever, he knows when to press a button; he knows all these things. To control anything, you need to understand. In fact, once you have understood that, you don’t have to even need to control.
Do you understand, what are emotions?
Alright! Understand this. You may be sitting here and there may some kind of irritation in the mind, but you are sitting silently. That irritation is not showing up in your body or upon your face. The irritation increases, the mind becomes more disturbed. What will start happening? What will start happening?
You will start fidgeting a little, you will start looking here and there. Your body will become restless. After sometime, the irritation increases even further and it becomes anger. Now what will happen? Your face will change a little. Your eyes will change a little. What you call as the pupil of the eyes, will become a little dilated. And if the anger increases a little more in the mind, the irritation is a thought, and then your body will start shivering, your cheek will get red, you may even get violent, and then the people will say that he has become emotional.
What is emotion? Emotion is just thought. ‘Thought’ that becomes severe, intense. ‘Thought’ that has gathered a lot of energy. Lot of energy is stored in the subconscious, thoughts usually remain at the surface level, but when the thought becomes intense, then it gets connected to the energy of the sub-conscious. You can leave all that aside.
You can just understand that intense thought is called emotion.
Emotion is thought. And all thought is conditioning. Thought comes from outside. You have acquired it. Similarly, emotions are acquired. That is why one person weeps at X and the other weeps at Y.
So, do not ask, ‘What to do with emotions?’ Rather ask, ‘How do I look at my conditioning?’, because your emotions are just an expression of your conditioning. ‘And, how do I look at my conditioning?’ From morning till evening whatever you do, whatever you say, whatever you think; if you pay attention to it, that is the only way to discover your conditioning, and as you discover your conditioning, your conditioning subsides. It will no more have the same power. And, you will find that you are gaining sensitivity.
When conditioning comes down, when the mind becomes light, free and clean, then you become progressively less emotional. Less emotional but more sensitive. Small things will touch you. You would start knowing, experiencing, what you would have never experienced earlier. It will be a very fresh thing that would now be happening to you. Emotions are stale, you already know what will make you angry. Don’t we all have our pain points? You already know that if I say this kind of a statement to you, you will become angry. So emotions are conditioned, emotions are stale. If someone comes and says that you are looking beautiful, you will become happy.
So, all emotion is pre-programmed. You already know what makes you happy. You already know that if you receive that kind of SMS, you will start crying. It is certain that if a message in such and such words comes to you, you will start crying. So there is nothing in emotions. All emotion is conditioned, pre-programmed and acquired.
Sensitivity is an altogether different thing. Sensitivity means to be open to new and fresh. Like looking at a sunrise for the first time, like splashing fresh, cool water on your face in the morning, that is sensitivity. That fresh experience, and that is not being emotional, that is not a sentiment.
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