Monday, 6 July 2015

What is basic truth?

What the mind presents to you is either an imagination or a fact. That which powers the mind to present anything to you is the truth. 

For the being, the living being, obviously it is better to live in facts. But it doesn't matter whether you live in facts, or you comfort yourself with imaginations, the source of both imagination and fact is the truth. That is from where everything arises. That is from where even the dreams arise. That is from where even the fancies and hallucinations arise. So, truth is not another rung of the ladder, that there is this, there is this, and then there is 'the truth', as if there is a point where there is no truth.

Truth is the source of everything.

Even the greatest misunderstanding is caused by the truth. Even the worst ignorance is caused by the truth. Truth is the engine of everything. So don't ask for the truth. You are already in the truth. You are not going to discover the truth.

Yes? You may discover facts. That is what you must do, that is human, that is science, that is our effort and endeavour to know the facts, which is alright. Good! But you do not go to find the truth. There is truth in every bit of action that you are doing, in every cell of your body, even in the most debauched thought that arises to you.

Truth is there. What is there is the truth. There is nothing but the truth.

So the question, 'how do I learn the truth?', where would it come from, even the truth were not there? Even this question is arising from the truth. Or, what do you think? Is this question is arising from some part of your special ego? And who powers that ego? Look at the arrogance when you say, 'I want to know the truth', as if 'you' will find the truth. The truth is the ground on which you are standing. You cannot even utter a single word without the truth. You cannot stand to ask a question if the ground of truth is not there. So you concern yourself with facts. Forget about the truth. You are in the truth.

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