Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How do I know my religion?

We will have to understand that religion, the word 'religion' means two things.

One, religion as we know it. And what do you know religion as? You know religion as Hindu religion, Muslim religion and even in Hindu religion there are so many sects 

These religions are nothing but organized belief system. Obviously, these religions have very little value because they are just belief systems. These systems have very little value. And what did we say? That belief will not allow you to see the truth. The religion that we commonly see around us is as in temples, in festivals, in fairs, on all the religious channels on television. 

This religion is nothing but as an organized belief system, which has been handed to you by somebody else. This obviously has very little value. A free mind, an intelligent mind cannot accept this version of religion. That is why this version of religion is disappearing from the most developed and educated societies. The very concept of religion is disappearing from some places. Are you aware that as much as 40% of Japan's population says that it does not believe in any religion? The number of atheists in US is rising day by day. They say that we do not follow any religion because the more one gets educated, the more one develops dislike for this kind of religion 

There is however another religion and that religion is extremely important. The first is religions and there are at least three hundred active religions on earth today and there are numerous religious sects. The first is religions, organized belief systems. The second is religion. Just as science is one and truth is one, religion is also one. This second kind of religion has no adjective attached to it. It is not Hindu, not Muslim, not Sikh, not Christian, not Buddhist. It is just religion and that religion means intelligence. 

That 'Religion' means is 'Dharma'. Do you know how Sanskrit language and Hindi language used the word 'Dharma'? They use the word 'Dharma' in two sense. One is the sense of religion, as you know it. The second is, 'what is right'. So you will have somebody saying to somebody else, 'This is now your Dharma to do this', that Dharma does not mean religion. That 'Dharma' means doing what is right. Now this religion is something else. This is something you can feel interested in, you must feel interested in.'Religions' are of very little value but 'religion' is of great value. 'Religion' is intelligence. The full application of your potential. 

#Prashant Tripathi



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