Monday, 6 July 2015

How you can develop your personality?

Personality is an expression of your individuality. 

Personality is and must be just a natural, clear, honest expression of what you really-really are, your individuality. So, personality grooming, if it really can mean anything, it can only mean a direct connect between what you are, and what you appear. 

Personality is what you appear. What you appear should not be different from what you are. This is personality grooming, to bring you yourself closer to yourself. Personality development is essentially self-development. Personality development is about reducing your artificiality and bringing you closer to yourself. Please understand this. 

Personality development is not about making you more artificial, it is about reducing your artificiality so that you become authentic, real, true. So that you have deep trust in whatever you are. So that you are never afraid. 

An artificial man is always afraid that the mask can fall down anytime, that somebody can see beyond the mask. The real man is never afraid. Real personality development is fearlessness. "I do not need a mask. 

I am not afraid. I do not need a mask. I am good as I am. Let nobody tell me that I need to be artificial. I will not allow the society to influence me. I will not let allow movie stars to influence me. I will not allow the current trends to influence me. Religion, family, philosophy- I will not allow all of them to influence me." "My individuality, my own intelligence is what I am, and I will keep close to it. I will have no hesitation in the full expression of my individuality, my intelligence. I will let it be expressed. I will not be afraid. I will not have inferiority complex. I will not be dependent on others for their opinions, for their approval." This is personality development. 

Please get this completely out your mind that personality development is about having another mask. Many of us think that way. Personality grooming does not mean wearing a nice mask. Personality grooming is not smartness. It is about simplicity. You grow when you become simple, not when you become more and more complex. 

Self-development is simplicity. 

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