Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Do you put the kinds of peer pressure in a pargraph?


All fear arises from dependence. If you are not dependent, you cannot be afraid. Whenever you will be dependent, you will always be afraid. It is impossible to be dependent and simultaneously fearless. Are you getting it? In some way you are surely dependent on the world, otherwise you cannot be afraid of the world.Dependence is slavery. Whenever you will communicate with the objective of gaining somebody's agreement, with the objective of gaining somebody's approval, the consequence will be fear. Do not say that your confidence becomes low. You need confidence, only when you are afraid. 

Whenever you feel scared, trembling and even hopeful in the presence of the other, and that 'other' could be a person, a thing, a situation or whatever, the 'other' is the world, whenever you feel all these, just remind yourself that I am being dependent, otherwise I could not have felt this fear. 



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