Friday, 17 July 2015

Why am I so attracted towards the body of girls?

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A Question was asked to me in one of my Samvaad session. So, this is the answer I had given to him. It will be useful to you. The transcription is given below
Speaker: All humans in the living body are confined by needs of the body. Isn’t it then too much to ask for unconditional love, for those who hurt you when actually you are deeply affected by that hurt? How can one practically take all the hurt, pain, criticism from others and yet love them unconditionally? Is this real and achievable?
We have all experienced the excitement, the euphoria, the bliss of the so-called ordinary love; mortal love, Ishq-e-majazi, and it is wonderful. It is just that it depends on somebody for its being. It has a particular reason for its existence and that reason most often is one particular person. There is a particular person in life and usually of the opposite gender. So there is one particular person, and the presence of that person has opened some doors for me. It has brought the mind to a particular condition. That is our ordinary love, what we call as conditional love. What then is unconditional love?
Unconditional love is when you are in the same state of mind, and you experience the same euphoria, the same excitement, the same bliss perhaps even more intense. You experience it even more intensely but with no reason. In ordinary love there is that feeling of lightness for a reason, and because there is a reason, the reason can be taken away. So consequently, there will always be fear associated with that. The feeling will never be very deep. You would experience bliss, accompanied by fear, so things would be very superficial. There would be boundaries. Fear would be lurking around the corner. Unconditional love does not mean love him and love her and love all of them in the same way as if you are loving that particular person of yours. It is misconception. Unconditional love is not an expansion of conditional love. What we often think is that just as I have feelings and attachment for a particular one person, if the same kind of feeling and attachment is there for 20,000 persons or the entire universe, then this is called as unconditional love. No, this is not unconditional love. Unconditional love means experiencing the bliss of love without any conditions attached, without any reasons. Reason is a condition.
Love is not something that is applicable to a relationship in particular. Love is not something that has greatly to do with a relationship. Love does not have greatly to do with the other. Love is your own state of mind. The other does not have much to do with love. That’s another misconception. That for love there has to be a presence of the other. Not needed. Love is essentially between the mind and the source, and because the source is the source of the mind itself, so again it is not between two entities, not between two separate entities.
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