Monday, 6 July 2015

What is a simplicity?

Let's us understand  how simple simplicity is. 

There are few questions related to simplicity as follows: 

A. What is simplicity? 
B. How is simplicity related to courage? 
C. How is simplicity related to intelligence? 
D. How is it related to love? 

Now look at these statements:

1. Simplicity is freedom from conditioning. 
2. Simplicity is nothing. 

Both these statements are the same. 

We are actually nothing- just a clean, empty, void, pure and untouched. 

Then the clean emptiness is spoiled. We are filled by ideas and concepts and worries and all kind of conditioning. Now we are 'filled', not light and empty. 

 This excerpt has been taken from my  blog 'Words into silence'. I would advice you read it from there to get more clarity on your questions. 

Simplicity is the 'nothingness' state of mind. Nothing fills you. Nothing makes you heavy. No identity is dominating the mind. Clean pure emptiness. 

It requires great courage to be simple. 

Now let's see how is simplicity related to courage. 

What is fear? How is it related to conditioning? How is simplicity related to conditioning? So, how is simplicity related to fearlessness? 

Let me repeat the short story. 

We are originally pure- nothing. This is simplicity. 

Then conditioning spoils the mind and makes us suffer. We are unable to see directly and understand clearly. We become confused. This is complexity. 

When we are being conditioned, two things are being inserted deeply in the mind: 

1. Conditioning is not bad. It is for your welfare. 
2. Work hard to maintain the conditioning. Fight and resist anybody who removes your conditioning. 

Now you see? We have been conditioned to work hard to maintain the conditioning. 

It is like: 
1. Put somebody in jail. 
2. Convince him to work hard to maintain the jail, to never come out of the jail. 

We work very hard indeed. And all our hard work is to maintain our slavery. Smart we are for sure! 
Love is the call of the simple centre to the complex mind. 

Nobody likes complexity, confusion, conditioning. When you see a complex situation or question, your basic urge is that it should become simple. Complexity scares us. Its opposite- simplicity- invites us. 

Love= The attraction of the conditioned(complex) mind, to again become simple. 
So simple!


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