Saturday, 18 July 2015

Why do I need to take care of world’s problems?

Dear friend,
You are asking as if the world doesn’t mean to you anything. And this is surely a way to take care of world’s all problems. You might not get it, but be with me, pay attention, and you will know it all.
Please understand. Your question is: When the world does not meant me anything, then why should I worry about the world and the world’s problems? But you anyway do not worry about the world’s problems. But you anyway cannot solve the world’s problems; neither do you want to solve the world’s problems.
The world’s problems are solved by not taking the world as real. Understand this: The world’s problems are solved by those who do not contribute to those problems. The world’s problems are not solved by those who take the world seriously. The world’s problems are actually solved by those who know that the world does not mean anything. Hence, leave the world to itself. If you can leave this earth to itself, will world major problems will be there?
See, Who creates the world’s problem? The one who thinks that the world is attractive; it has a lot of meaning. When the world holds a lot of meaning and attraction and relevance and significance for you, then you create problems in the world. “Oh! Let me invade that country. Why? – Because it has oil. And oil has a lot of significance for me.” So, now you will begin a forty year long war.
Why did the two world wars happen? Because the two parties were clamoring over who would colonize the rest of the world. Half of Europe wants to exploit Asia; the other half also wants to exploit Asia and Africa. And two parties are fighting among each other, because for both of them ‘the world’(Asia and Africa) means a lot. For both of the parties, the world means a lot. For Germany, the world is very significant. It wants to exploit the world. For Britain, again, the world is very significant. Britain too wants to exploit the world. Hence, there is a world war.
Now, what if one of the parties says, “The world doesn’t mean anything.” Would the war happen? You destroy the world, when the world becomes meaningful to you. You destroy your loved one, when you start caring for your loved one.
Do you get this?
Leave the world to itself. The world knows how to take care of whatever it is. Dream, illusion, whatever it is; the world will take care of itself. But when you start taking it as important, real, significant, then you simply distort everything.

Of course, there is a consumption that is needed by the body. We are not talking of that. We are not talking of you eating three fruits a day. Three fruits a day – that much of consumption doesn’t cause global warming. Even thirty fruits a day will not cause global warming. Global warming is caused by your exploitation, by your lust to consume.
This was some of the excerpts from my article- The only way to help the world is to leave the world alone.
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