Tuesday, 7 July 2015

When I speak my own mind to my family they switch things around to their own advantage and call me manipulative when I did nothing wrong. I do not have a manipulative bone in my body. What do I do?

If I really love someone I would try to share what I have. And as adults it is your responsibility that if you really love your parents, you should share the truth with them and not let them continue in darkness. 

If the parents are unable to see something, it is your responsibility to help them see the Truth. If you really love them, you will tell them, 'I am no more 10 years old.' And when I say that you tell them, I do not mean in a violent way. You will help them see the facts. You will not let them continue in their illusions. That is the action of love. To help the other one to come to the Truth. 

But I am asking you that is it really about your powerlessness in front of your parents, or it is just that you have become so used to certain comforts and privileges that you do not want to get rid of them? It is the comforts and privileges that are more important not the love for parents. We need to honestly ask ourselves this question. I am not alleging anything, I am just prompting you to ask yourself this question. 

Do you understand, that you are a fully grown up person? Do you understand that? They helped you. Wonderful! They did. So what is your responsibility now? To help! And how does one help an adult? How does a man help another man? How does he help? By acting like a kid? That you keep on supporting me. Is that how you help your parents? 

Understand this. We are talking of help. There are two adults, how does one help the other? And they claim to love each other. And we wish that they love each other. Now how do they help each other? By one remaining parasitic, by one always clinging and the other commanding. Is that a helping relationship? Is that a loving relationship? 

Love is not about keeping each other blind. See, I have come to you. What is my responsibility? To let all of us float in a dream world, so that our illusions are not shattered, to preserve our falseness. Is that my responsibility here? Or is my responsibility to help us see better? I do not know because you are the one in the hot seat. It is your relationship. You need to find out. You need to figure out whether it is really love or something else. Because love doesn't bother for petty things. It's not one's convenient dependence over the other. It is not at all that. You need to look sharply, be very attentive. Not have prejudices in mind. Forget for a while that you are meant to behave in such and such way and just look at the facts. And then it will be all very, very clear. 

Initially you might feel a little uncomfortable because you have never done this earlier but later on you will find that you have accepted, that you are mature now. You must accept your adulthood and maturity. And in fact, later on you may find that even your parents are thanking you.They are saying, 'Thank you for bringing this to us.We are glad that we are your parents.' But that happens only in one out of thousand cases. You are on the hot seat. Your life. I can only indicate a particular way, Right? 



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