Tuesday, 7 July 2015

How does an athlete show good leadership?

Dear whoever it is let's find who is a real leader, what are his characteristics 

A real leader doesn't influence, he liberates from influence. 
The real leader needs no followers, he lives in friends. 
Leader first leads himself/herself. 
The real leader is essentially self-centred. 

Some characteristics: 

He knows, he is inseparable and harmonious part of the Total and lives relaxed. 

He knows others are aspect of the same Total with whom there is a healthy, violence-free relationship. 

He knows that things are happening through me. 

And he allows the game to play through him. 

There is playfulness in him. 

He is totally immersed in the present and lives unpredictably. 

He knows facts and lives in faith. 

For him only Total is important. 

He cares only for existential values. 

Now what is leadership? 
Leadership is doing what you must. 

The leader is happy living his own life.His being is enough. That is the test of the real leader and the fake leader. The fake leader will collapse if you take away his designation, his identity, his name, his perks. He will have nothing left. And nobody will listen to him. But for the real leader, take away everything from him, yet he loses nothing. 




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