Monday, 6 July 2015

Did Hinduism made people more favorable of the caste system?

Hindusm has nothing to do with the Caste System. 

'Hinduism' is actually very-very little of a religion, if you talk of the essence of Hinduism. The more you call Hinduism, a religion, the more you are destroying the real thing. Hinduism is not at all a religion in the sense Christianity and Islam are religions. The Upanishads do not propagate a religion at all. Are you getting it? How can you follow a religion after reading Ribhu Gita? Gone, finished! There is no question of religion. Yes, if this religiousness can be called 'Hinduism', then it is 
alright. Then it is alright. 

A real Hindu does not have any religion. To go beyond all religions is to be a Hindu. So, there are religions who are on one plane, and then there is Sanaatan Dharma , which is another dimension. It is Sanaatan Dharma ; the eternal religiousness. It is not a religion. 

What has happened is that because there are other religions, so the so-called Hindus also find it necessary to find what is their religion. 'Everybody has a religion, what is my religion?' 

Son, you actually don't have a religion, and that's such good. It's like everybody is walking on the crutches and the healthy child asks, 'Where are my crutches?' You don't have crutches, son. You don't have crutches. 

Sanaatan Dharma is awakened intelligence, also called 'Swadharma'. You know what you must do at any point, because you know who you are, that is Swadharma. Now, you don't need a dharma because you know Swadharma, that is Sanaatan dharma; Swadharma. 

'Heretics', 'apostates', 'believers', 'non-believers', how does it matter? These terms are relevant only when there is a frozen pattern of thought,.which you call as 'religion'. In the free and open expanse of mind, which you call as spirituality,there is no need for any religion. 

When Krishna says, 'Swadharme nidhanam shreya (स्वधर्मे निधनं श्रेयः)', he is not talking about Hinduism. He is talking about the action of intelligence.


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