Tuesday, 7 July 2015


To understand 'Love', you will need to firstly rid yourself of all the 'knowledge' you have so far had about love. 

You have been told that care, attachment, concern, togetherness, sameness, sacrifice etc. are what constitutes love. You have also been told that love is what happens 'between' two human beings, or 'between' a human being and something else. You have also been told that love is usually to be found in 'relationships' like mother-daughter, husband-wife etc. You have been told that when you are in love you miss your beloved. You have also been told that love is a nice-nice thing.

All this is Wrong. False. Criminal.

Love is not nice-nice. Love is Death. Utter death. Love does not happen between two people. When you are no more, you become love. It is an internal event, purely independent of any external being. Love does not require a beloved. When you are love, the whole existence is the Beloved. You can never miss the Beloved. You become the Beloved.

Love can never be found in relationships. The day a relationship occurs, the possibility of love dies. A man can possibly be in love, but no husband can ever love his wife. A woman can be in love, but no mother can ever love her son.

All this that you see in the name of love: care, concern, sacrifice - this is all false. Totally false. You have probably imagined that what we see in our 'decent' families is love. No, our families are totally devoid of love. Love can never occur in a family.

Love is a wild flower. It grows in the fullness and deepness of dangerous jungles. It grows where the abundance of life is also the possibility of death. Love cannot be found in a decent garden of a decent house maintained by a decent family.

Love is a not a decently dressed woman. Love is not a manicured hand. Love is not a well-lit room. Love is not a beautiful bouquet. Love is not a nice smile. Love is not a romantic evening. Love is not the rainbow on the roof. Love is not the climax of life. Love is not your ordinary life. Love is not comfortable. Love is not a waxed leg. Love is not a seductive glance. Love is not a beautiful song. Love is not the garden lizard. Love is not the garden butterfly either.

Rubbish. All Rubbish. Can you please first clean up?

This is taken from the source prashantadvait.com the WordPress blog where I belong.


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