Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Is it possible to be friends with you guys without knowing you because I really want some friends?

Sure it can be! provided you understand, what is friendship and what is knowing in real. Can we go into this? 

what is friendship? Friendship is nothing. Friendship is a state of being in which you are concerned not with what you can get from the other person, but in the real advancement of the other person. And the real advancement is, discovering the truth. So a friend is a friend only if he brings you closer to the truth; in whose presence you become less agitated, in whose presence a silence comes. Not the one who keeps gossiping with you. 

Don't ask about the world. Ask about your own mind. Can I have a mind that sees clearly? Can I have a mind that is not identified? If you are biased, prejudiced, if you are carrying concepts and notions, you will look at the entire world only according to your limited concepts and notions. You will never know the truth. You will not know the truth because you believe that you already know the truth. 

Stop bothering about the other person. When you meet somebody next time, stop bothering about what that person is like. Let the question turn inwards. Ask yourself, 'Am I attentive?' If you are attentive, whatever you will know will be the truth. Don't bother yourself with this and that. Bother yourself only with this (mind). Is this in the right place? Is this close to the heart? If the mind is close to the heart, it will know the real. Otherwise, there is no way of knowing. There can be no formula, no test, nothing. 




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