Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What is freedom from fear?

Mind is free to fear and not to fear. So let's understand mind , why it is afraid? 

How can thoughts come to an empty mind? Thoughts come only to the thinking mind. And all thoughts are in some way related to past and future. The definition of rest is freedom from thought. Thought is a problem solving mechanism. It gets activated only in restlessness and fear. Empty mind is really good. Try.

What is the mind full of? Thoughts of the world, objects, past and future, time, others etc. This is what fills the mind. Right? When this rubbish is not occupying the mind, then the great, beautiful, lovely Truth descends on the mind.

We are afraid of Greatness
We are afraid of Beauty
We are afraid of Love
So, we are afraid of the empty mind.

Fear is not in act, fear is in thought.
Secondly, fear is the thought of others.
Thirdly, fear is the thought that says that the others can take away something from me.

Find out in what ways you are dependent and on whom. Look at your dependencies. Try to find out. Wherever will be your dependency, there will be fear because you will be afraid that the fellow can take something from you. The more dependent you are, the more afraid you will be.

The key to fearlessness is independence. The key to fearlessness is freedom.

This is taken from the source prashantadvait.com the WordPress blog where I belong.



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