Monday, 6 July 2015

What is direct peer pressure?

Peer pressure is just the fear of others. 

You see, there are two kinds of people. One who are okay with themselves, they have a sense of 
assuredness. They do not struggle to get compliments. They say that I am alright, not much is to be achieved. They are not hungry. Their predominant thought is not about satisfying themselves, some way or the other. They feel that they are already full. These people do not 
demand much from anybody. They relate, they connect, they talk, and they communicate. While doing all these, they do not have a motive of 
obtaining something from this or that.He is not dependent on the 'other'. 

Then there is another kind of mind. Everything that they do, everything that they think, all are meant for the 
sake of others, for the assumptions of others. 'How I am looking at others? What will the people say? Will the society approve of me? Will I be considered respectable?' 

Dependence is slavery. Whenever you will communicate with the objective of gaining somebody's agreement, with the objective of gaining somebody's approval, the consequence will be fear. 

If you want to be fearless, then reduce your dependence. The lesser the dependence, lesser will be the fear. Whatever is given by the other 
can be taken back by the other, and that is the reason of fear. If he can give me praise, tomorrow he can take back the praise, that is the fear. Know yourself. 

Be certain about yourself, so that there is no need to ask for others' gratification.


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