Monday, 6 July 2015

What is the definition of creative?

Persons are not creative. The world's creativity does not go well with the world's persons. Creativity is a stage in which creation is happening without the add of past knowledge. 

Mostly when we build something, it is just a continuation of the past patterns. I know something, I take that, I mixed it up, I juggle it up and then I came up with something and I call it a new creation.
It is not really a new creation, it is just a combination of all the old variables. It might be a new combination of old variables but it is fundamentally just a combination of old variables.

Creativity is when there is no background, no past, no reason yet something happens. Creativity is very very illogical at unreasonable. It is so fresh that it is arising from nothing.

Creativity is untouched by the past. Creativity does not come from the mind that is seeking security. And creativity is very unreasonable, you will find no cause for creativity.

What kind of a mind will be creative ? A loving mind will be creative. What kind of a mind will be creative ? A fearless mind will be creative.

A mind that is not too worried about the results , will be creative. Obviously, when it is not coming from the past, it also does not have too much to do with the future. So creativity has no reason and it also can not have any purpose. You can not say that I need to make a new discovery or I need to innovate so let me be a creative.

You can not have purpose from creativity. When there is a purpose, when there is a motive, when there is profit associated with it, creativity becomes impossible.

So you can not have laps and bring people there and say now you all should be creative and the people suddenly become creative. It does not happen like this.

Creativity is not something that you can cultivate. Creativity happens when you surrender and makes space for the real creator. Are you getting it ?

As long as you are there, as long as your thoughts and planning are there, there can be no creativity.
The moment you decide, the moment you realize , that it is alright to just be silent. Suddenly, from nowhere, the creative flow with all its force and all its beauty, appears. Are you getting it ?

Everyone is creative. We hinder about creativity by giving energy to our conditioning. You are born creative. It is the mind's natural state to be creative. You do not need to cultivate creativity. It can not be cultivated. We are already creative but all the impositions upon the mind, think like this, plan like this, do like this, move like this, go there, seek this goal, try for that result, all these things, they are enemies of creativity.

You can not put a gun to somebody's head and ask him to be creative. And we are always living under some kind of pressure. Are we not ? and that is the gun.

Creativity happens when you have complete luxury of relaxation. A mind that is not relaxed, can not be creative. You have to be totally secured and relaxed.

Only a mind that is able to Say that I am always alright, I am always alright, only such a mind can be creative. Not a mind that is hassled and worried by what will happen after two years, If you have these kind of thoughts then creativity is impossible.

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