Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Is it selfish to think about myself?

Thinking about yourself is selfish but more than selfish it is stupid. What will you think about yourself? We all do keep thinking about ourselves. But what can that be? All your thoughts are a product of your conditioning, they come from outside. To think about yourself is to think from the ego. Think about yourself is to remain caught in what the world has given you. Opinions, thoughts, religion, goals, targets, beliefs, that is all that you can think about yourself. So I do not know what you meant by selfish but I am sure that thinking about yourself is stupid.
Understanding oneself is entirely different thing. In understanding oneself one sees that one is thinking. Then one can say that I can see that I am thinking; and this is what understanding is. To understand is to see that my thoughts are actually borrowed opinions. But we do not understand that as we are busy in thinking. Thinking in that way is enemy of understanding. You are so caught in thinking, you are so full of opinions that you don’t understand things, you don’t understand yourself.

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